December 3rd 2012

I feel I should put the year on because it’s nearly ended and when it’s gone, well it’s gone isn’t it.

I think that’s a bit like opportunities, you have to bathe in them, smear them on your face and get bits of them in your hair because when they run out, somebody else is the one covered in achievement and you, well you missed out didn’t you.

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Theres 28 days of December left or even 27 if you consider it’s 23:13 on the 3rd. We can all stick to something for 4 weeks. We all know we get a brand new clean slate in 4 weeks, so there is no pressure to get it perfect within those weeks - to me it’s about owing yourself just this last little bit.

I’d like to think each and everyone of my followers could commit to themselves… Could commit to owning 2012 because they went out with a bang! So what if for the past 11 months you’ve only ate pie…

It’s not who you go to prom with that counts, it’s who you go home with afterwards.

(woo motivational pep talk finished!)

You don’t need a detox plan, you need to stop eating shit.
Nate Miyaki (via killfatme)