December 3rd 2012

I feel I should put the year on because it’s nearly ended and when it’s gone, well it’s gone isn’t it.

I think that’s a bit like opportunities, you have to bathe in them, smear them on your face and get bits of them in your hair because when they run out, somebody else is the one covered in achievement and you, well you missed out didn’t you.

If you read this, like it or reblog it…

Theres 28 days of December left or even 27 if you consider it’s 23:13 on the 3rd. We can all stick to something for 4 weeks. We all know we get a brand new clean slate in 4 weeks, so there is no pressure to get it perfect within those weeks - to me it’s about owing yourself just this last little bit.

I’d like to think each and everyone of my followers could commit to themselves… Could commit to owning 2012 because they went out with a bang! So what if for the past 11 months you’ve only ate pie…

It’s not who you go to prom with that counts, it’s who you go home with afterwards.

(woo motivational pep talk finished!)

I am back babyy <3.x

Back so good and this time it’s personal.

This time I got almonds.
This time I got lean turkey
Baby this time I got Cassey Ho!

Oh and a whole lot of motivation. Yeah I got that too.

I’ve got 15% body fat to destroy and I’ll be damned if I don’t obliterate it. I’m not spending another birthday feeling fat and unhealthy.

Less than 6 months and as my followers… I’m counting on you to drag me through the mud when I want pie!

Let’s do this shit.

July 22nd.

Started insanity yesterday and I ache so bad I feel like I’ve got flu. Ooh how I’ve missed the burn!

July 11th.

I feel like I haven’t posted anything for so long! Been too busy for anything really.

I’m currently in Athens, dancing about architecture :).

It’s intense. I’ll be home in a week but until then my beauties… Stay beautiful :).xx

June 16th.

I go on holidayyy tomorrow bitchess :). I am so excited! I can’t believe that in 48 hours I’m gonna be waking up in Spain!

I’ll set some stuff to queue so if your interested you’ll still have new posts to look at :).

I got given the insanity workout too so I’m starting that on Monday with my boyfriend and I can’t wait!

Yes, I know that means I’ll be starting it on holiday but there are worse places to start working out :).

I’m not as hench as I would like but I’m not as pudgy as I thought I was gonna be :p. So I’ll be happy enough lol!

Everyone well?


I have one full week until I go to Spain with my boyfriend. I’ve been so caught up in every little aspect going on at the moment I’ve literally had no time to even think about it or get excited and now I’m starting to dread it because I haven’t got as buff as I’d like. In the slightest :(. It’s our first holiday together and so it’s supposed to be a big thing but I’m still so stressed I need to relax but I just can’t. I hate hate my job and the thought of returning to it when I get back… Just for one week before I finish fills me with even more dread.

Gah :(. I should be excited and Jolly! I am not Jolly. I think if I treat my body like a rare comic book this week I’ll be much happier by the time I go away :).

One good week to be good.

May 29th.

Evening Y’all! I had suchhh a good PT session earlier. So good I spent the rest of the day in bed. Oops :P.

Anyway, I’m back off to bed - having been up for about 3 hours I need more sleep! I’ve queued loadssss of posts and I’ve just had a flick through to see whats coming.

Not going to lie, you’ve got so much ab porn coming your way!

Night Treacles :).xx

May 28th

How is everyone today?

(Pre warning - Rambling Below)

I think its safe to say I royally fell off the wagon. Wow did it hurt. Spewing up sushi at St. Pancras Train Station is not my ideal end to a weekend I’ll tell you for free.

My problem is not that I dislike healthy food or that I must have junk. It’s that I don’t plan my meals then I find myself with horrible hunger pains, feeling faint and worst of all very very “hangry” (google that shit!) So I have to eat what’s there and on the go food is often crap!

I’m sure I’ve said before but I have Gilberts Syndrome and if I don’t eat well its really evident that I do have it. I feel vile, like my insides are all muddy. I act vile as well, I’m no fun to be around at all. I constantly want to throw up because my body just can’t process all the rubbish acidy foods in it and all I want to do is sleep because I’m so sluggish.

Therefore I literally have no other alternative but to plan my meals out from now on, especially if I know I’m out the house! Take an hour each week to plan out the rest of the week and then its all sorted for the next 7 days!

My boyfriend is coming over in… Well any moment now actually to help me plan everything out :).

In 20 days its my holiday and I can’t be feeling this run down while I’m away! I literally thought I was going to die yesterday I was so ill :(.

Now or never people!

May 24th.

Helloo Beautiful Bloggers!!

Finally finished second year at uni. I literally feel as though I haven’t had a moment to myself for MONTHS. I’ve been so tetchy and whilst second year has been fantastic, I’ve missed being able to be myself or do the things I want to. I wouldn’t change this past year for the world though, I really wouldn’t.

Time to get tanned and toned peoplesss :).

Thank you to all my followers for waiting by me whilst I pretended I didn’t have a blog!

Lovas you alls :).xx

May 18th.

Eeeek! Hello everyone :). Sorry I’ve been neglecting my blog for a while now, uni is killing me!

My boards are finished and I’m pinning them up today… Ready for my presentation on Monday.

Literally feel sick thinking that this is it. Good sick though… Like I’m really pumped to do it and I am so happy with what I’ve designed :).

Anyway, stay hench and I’ll be back on Tuesday :).xx

May 8th.

I am so stressed and full of pie.

Well not pie but still.

I am so so excited for to present my work and go through my whole design but gosh damn it I can’t wait to finish so I can run, tan and bake!

Thankos muchly to all my followers who have stuck by me, in this rather boring blogging period! :D.xx

May 7th.

Afternoon Peoples :). Are we well? Been trying so hard to get fit but with so much uni work to do I’ve barely had a moment to myself! So much to do, so little time to do it in!

Can not wait to hench it up when uni is finished. Aah, exciting times ahead fo show!

May 1st.

Helooo :). I am alive but I am so so busy I barely have time to sleep let alone tumblr.

Everything is done on May 18th so I’ll be free to blog to my hearts content. Aaah the glee!

April 29th. Just.

I feel like I’m going to vomit :(.

Why can’t I eat well these days? My poor body :(.x

April 24th.

Oh Followers/Runners/Random Individual who has stumbled upon my blog.

All I want to do is blog and eat pie and sleep but I can’t do any of them…

I’m just posting now to let y’all know I am alive but I’m very much very busy. I appreciate the awful English used here.

I have so much uni work to do and work work. I’ve got a billion and one things to do for my assignments, I have to send off loads of party packs for Ann Summers as well as process orders, pack them up and get new parties and recruits and I’m starting at Monsoon (again! I literally can NOT keep away from that place) on Thursday - at the airport, well it’s Accessorize but same company, so I have to have a billion and one security checks to do and work references and everything else that takes up all my flipping time when I should be finishing my Venue Design and Studio Assignments :(.

Feel bad for me! I have to be up at 5.45 to be at work on time for Thursday. Ewww!

If I get a second I will reblog some of the 400 photos I’ve liked, ready to be reblog.

I hope everyone is alive, well and active - or at the very least happy :).xx