Intake - April 12th.

Well getting the hang of this!

Breakfast - Woke up really late again and felt like mouldy ass.

4 oatcakes

Lunch - AMAZING.

Pork and Apple Quarter Pounder with Salad


Veggie Broth… Sweetcorn, Carrots, Peas, Courgette, Chopped Tomatos. The batch I made had 13 of my five a day in it. Obviously I didn’t eat it all! But I had maybe a third? So so full!!

Snacks - Bad Bad Me!

Bag of Foxes Party Rings

Graze Box - Summer Berries Flapjacks!

Intake - April 11th.

I said a couple of weeks ago I would do this but I keep forgetting! I made an active effort to do so today :).

Woke up quite late so lunch was small :(.

Breakfast -2 boiled eggs - 50g smoked salmon

So yummy!!!!

Lunch/Snack -Pistachios, Graze Box -Whittards Skinny Hot Chocolate… Oh more chocolate I had today! Bugger!

Dinner -100g Lamb Liver -50g Pasta -Courgete -Onion

Snack -Maltesers -2 oat cakes

Wow looking back that looks like nothing at all!! Dinner was to die for :).xx