for every person that reblogs this by new year’s day i will come to their ask box and write a short poem about them (if i don’t know you personally then i’ll base it off of your posts)


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Change Begins Here: I don’t know if this is just me but I don’t think anyone should think...


I don’t know if this is just me but I don’t think anyone should think about how much calories they burn working out.

I believe you should exercise to create a better relationship with your body and improve yourself. See yourself progress every time wether that be doing one more rep than last…

FINALLY! Somebody on the same wavelength as me!!

The phrase “diets that work” really annoys me.
It’s unrealistic to live your life on a “diet”.

Everyone with half an ounce of sense knows the only real and healthy way to not be a pie munching fat ass is to change the way you eat entirely.

Its called a Healthy Lifestyle not a quick fix diet.

Blahh. Gets under my skin like you would not believe!

About to watch the VS 2012 show…

Bracing myself for the jealous!


Sharks kill an average of 5 people per year, while obesity kills an average of 30,000.

Someone please tell me why we’re afraid to get in the water but not afraid to go into a McDonald’s.

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